We’re changing (or are we?)

We are changing!

(or are we?...)

You’re about to get the same great service you’re used to under a new name!

2017 will bring quite some changes for us, one of them in the form of a new name and look.

A lot has happened since we started Once Upon No Time in 2010. Our little ‘collective’ has grown and we are now more convinced than ever that businesses and corporations can, indeed, be purpose-driven, create public benefit and help solve environmental problems.

The spirit and values Once Upon No Time was created with remain unchanged, and we feel the time is right to start exploring some of the new ideas and projects we have been maturing over the years while reflecting this through a new name, a fresh image and a legal structure that will both give stability and widen opportunities for our growing team.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Shakespeare, 1597)

Whilst we are changing our name and image, we remain 100% committed to do our share for tackling the environmental crisis. We aim to achieve real impact, and our new legal structure sets this in stone through a specific provision in our by-laws guaranteeing our environmental commitment, whatever change might happen to the management of the company.

What does this mean for you? Probably nothing, except an easier to remember name.

We will still be the great team you’ve come to know and trust. You will continue to receive the same on-time delivery, responsive service, personalised solutions and the same dedication to excellence you’ve come to rely on, but they will be coming together in new ways, under a new company name, and with new energy, now from iNTUiTiV.

These are exciting times for the Once Upon No Time team who will now be sailing under the iNTUiTiVflag. And this is just the beginning: we’ll be sharing more news and projects over the coming months!

We would like to thank you, once again, for your continued trust in us, and for the positive contributions we have made, with you, to revert the tide of the environmental crises.

Together, we can really make magic happen.

Thank you!